Bankruptcy no option for student loans

With recent college graduates entering one of the worst job markets in history, Bill Whitaker reports on how student loans are preventing grads from filing f…
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8 Responses

  1. john mayes says:

    Fuk college

  2. leepakim says:


  3. Devils Cuz says:

    @steviesbackbitch You’re a retard!

  4. Tankweti says:

    I used to do collections for a company that sub-contracted for guaranteed
    students loans and I can tell you that these loans persist even after you
    are dead! Creditors will continue to call your relatives and any other
    phone numbers they have to try to see if there is an estate. They never
    give up.

  5. ImoenOfTelengard says:

    I thought living in the United States meant “United We Stand.” I guess not.

  6. BorntobeWilder39 says:

    A lot of people are not irresponsible with students loans. If only there
    were jobs out there that students could find that would be able to pay back
    these loans. This is irresponsible loaning of money by Washington our
    greedy political figures in making believe that these students would one
    day find jobs that have been outsourced to third world countries. If I was
    the student I would show up in Washington & those universities that made
    them believe that getting a better education was worth it.

  7. hotneo7 says:

    Just wait a few more years, Google and Gates Foundation are funding Khan
    Academy to be the first online accredited university with the main goal of
    being free. This will force the universities and colleges to drop costs or
    die. They are already offering lectures and degrees online for a small cost
    to compete. Eventually the banks will be cut out. The government won’t do
    anything, they caused this mess by backing loans and taking away bankruptcy
    rights. Support KhanAcademy spread the word now.

  8. Steve Back says:

    @DevilsCuz, You’re a hater and her titties are still nice.

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